EntelSenSys Ltd. is a subcontractor of a £80k CDE MoD funded project for developing Autonomous Real-time image/video processing on-board UAVs which requires extremely low weight, power, energy, cost, data link bandwidth due to its pioneering and patented recursive technology RDE.

US Multinational Licenses Lancaster University Software

Patented software developed by Lancaster University for use in industry has been licensed by the US multinational Ford. The software – called EST or Evolving Systems Toolbox – is capable of self-learning and so requires minimal human intervention. It is being used to monitor the “health” of vehicles and machines that produce vehicles and to […]

Lancaster Academic to Present Security Research at MoD Event

Dr Plamen Angelov (School of Computing and Communications) has been invited to showcase the results of his security work to major defence and security suppliers at an event organised by the MoD’s Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) on Monday 3 December 2012. Dr Angelov will present the results of his MoD CDE funded project ‘STAKE’ […]