The primary feature of Sariva is the detection of visual novelties using the video stream from the smartphone’s optical camera. The application automatically separates the interesting/novel objects from the background. This includes moving objects (such as people, cars, bikes, lorries, cats, dogs, etc.) which can then be identified and classified.

The main features of Sariva are:
• Novelty detection using a static or moving camera
• The transmission of detected novelties to a server application in real-time
• Tracking detected novelties from image to image
• Innovative, proprietaryregistered IP
Sariva employs cutting edge proprietary IP implemented in a form of smart algorithms. These were developed within the Intelligent Systems Research Lab, Data Science Group at InfoLab21.

The key methodology include:
• Recursive Density Estimation (RDE). A computationally fast and efficient pixel-wise method of detecting visual novelties, patented.
• Recursive Total Sum Distances Density Estimation (RTSDE) – integers only and no division – even faster and more robust algorithm developed specifically for video analytics
• Optical ORB method – very fast method for moving camera
• ELM (Evolving Local Means) Clustering – for identifying objects
The app is provided “as it is”. EntelSenSys does not take responsibility for any misuse from the users and the manner the app is used.


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