EntelSenSysLtd provides the following services:

  • Consultancy (20+ years of expertise in intelligent systems R&D)
  • Complete solutions (tailored solutions to specific problems in a range of industries and applications)
  • Sensor systems (ranging from traditional hard sensors including image and video, industrial temperature and pressure sensors to intelligent and smart self-calibrating sensors for chemical, petro-chemical industry, food and pharmaceutical based on patented original technology)
  • Software including know how and algorithms (the core advantage of what EntelSenSys offers is the originality and performance of the algorithms and specific software that is patented and invented by the people who work for EntelSenSys.
  • Hardware (dedicated solutions may include hardware primarily in the form of ‘smart’ devices;
  • Object Detection and Tracking (EntelSenSys has some cutting edge patented and funded by MoD DSTL technology to solve this task in a completely autonomous manner unlike the existing solutions which do require ‘human in the loop’ and are often not real-time;
  • Anomaly Detection (EntelSenSys has an original technology for real-time autonomous anomaly detection which was used in flight data analysis (by SAGEM, NLR, UAC; car industry used by Ford and is patented);
  • Autonomous Video Analytics (EntelSenSys has patented original technology funded by MoD DSTL for autonomous video analytics)
  • ALS_book_cover
    ALS (Autonomous Learning Systems are a new ground breaking technology which approaches in an innovative manner fundamental problems such as real-time dynamically evolving clustering, anomaly detection, prognostic models, filtering and estimation, classification and control

  • drone-1
    Autonomous Systems (EntelSenSys has experience in R&D for autonomous ground-based and aerial vehicles and systems)

  • Intelligent Systems (EntelSenSys can offer expertise in Intelligent Systems for industry and services)