About Us

EntelSenSys Ltd was established in July 2010 as a spin-out of Lancaster University targeting the emerging market of Intelligent and Autonomous Learning and their applications to advanced process industry, Internet, security, and defence.

EntelSenSys Ltd is a knowledge-based company which offers products and complete solutions with high research and intelligence quotient.

Its staff include a mixture of young, energetic and experienced researchers, as well as experts in IPR and Law.

EntelSenSys Ltd’s philosophy is to grow with the growth of its clients and market niche.

EntelSenSys has 50+ users on all continents, including some giants such as Ford Motor Co (USA), CEPSA (Spain), leading Universities and Research Labs, etc.

EntelSenSys was subcontracted to several MoD DSTL projects.

Key areas of interest include:
o Security
o Defence
o Petro-chemical industry
o Chemical industry
o Car industry